Protective Pants in Lilac Purple
Protective Pants in Lilac Purple
Protective Pants in Lilac Purple
Little Warriors SG

Protective Pants in Lilac Purple

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Made for children who scratch with their feet. Many children with eczema have rashes at the back of their knees, around the ankles or in between toes. Socks would inevitably be kicked off during their sleep and they would end up using their toes to soothe their itch.

Little Warriors' Protective Pants are made with padded foldover footies to reduce the damage from scratching with toes. Flip open the footies while the kids are up and about. Flip them close when it is time for bed.

  • Made of breathable bamboo fabric
  • Soothing to the most delicate or sensitive skin types
  • Padded footies to reduce scratching damage
  • Stays on all night, unlike conventional socks

    Pants material: 95% Bamboo, 5% Spandex

    Inner Feet Cuff material: 100% Cotton

    6M 9M 12M 18M 2Y 3Y 4Y 5Y 6Y

    Pants Length


    13 14.5 15.5 17.5 18.5 20 22.5 25 27

     *Pants length is measured from waist to bottom of heel

    Note: Bamboo fabric will naturally stretch upon repeated wear and wash.

    Please read our Product Care page carefully for instructions on how to care for your Little Warrior's clothing.

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    Customer Reviews

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    Life-changing creations!

    My Little One's eczema worsen at 14+month and started to scratch till skin broke and bleeding occurs. It's so depressing for me to find bloodied fingertips, blood-stained clothes and bedsheets, along with open wounds. These sleeves and pants prevent all these scratch injuries, which also minimise secondary infection. With these protective clothes I manage to sleep more in the night and feel less anxious when I dropped her off at Infant Care. Thank you for creating these life-changing protective clothing for this community and always readily sharing tips. I have benefit lots from these sharing and will always be grateful that I have LittleWarriors with us in this journey.

    Buttery soft and perfect for my toddler!

    As my 3.5 year old daughter grew, I found it increasingly challenging to find pants with foldover footies for toddlers, let alone one with buttery soft fabric that's perfect for sensitive skin.

    So glad that I found Little Warriors, who caters clothing specifically for children with sensitive skin! Started out with 2 pairs, and I just ordered another size up! Can't recommend these protective pants enough!

    Comfy and helps reduce scratching of ankles

    Initially ordered 2 pairs for my 4 year old boy who has ezcema around his ankles. I feel the pants does help to reduce the scratching at night. We used to use socks but he tends to pull them off middle of the night. Hence i purchased another 2 pairs so he can wear them nightly. Look forward to more colour options!

    As good as the sleeves !

    My toddler has been using the life savings scratch sleeves for close to a year now and recently I decided to give these pants a try as he has been pulling up his pants to scratch :( he now wears them to school as well and doesn’t come home with raw skin / bloody wounds so far. The fabric is soft and comfortable so no complains from the picky toddler as well. Great product !