Little Warriors' Eczema Story

Eczema gave our babies extraordinary Strength

Eczema turned our babies into Warriors


Little Warriors was born after four years of battling eczema with both my babies. Our lives revolve around itchy skin. It has been a constant battle to stop my little warriors from scratching and ripping open their delicate skins.


After our second daughter was born in 2020 with severe eczema, it became a huge challenge to find suitable clothes for her. Zippers, tags, lace and buttons became her scratch tools. She cried all the time from the discomfort. We were dealing with bloody wounds everyday.


Our family started to sew mittens onto her clothes. My husband set out to find garment makers who could make the perfect mitten to protect our baby's skin.  Along the way, it dawned upon us that while we were trying to help our baby, we could also be helping other families who were in the same situation.


The clothes at Little Warriors are made with fabrics that have been carefully selected for their superior comfort and their ability to protect sensitive skin. No with pesky tags, no itchy embroidery or scratchy zippers. Our entire collection has been lovingly designed by Eczema Mamas and Papas and road tested by real Eczema Warriors.


If you are at this site because you have (or know of) an itchy little warrior, please know that you are not alone and that he or she WILL get better. This too, shall pass. In the meantime, we are here to help make your warrior's recovery journey a little easier.


With Lots of Love,

Qiao Qing

Chief Warrior