How to Care for Your Little Warrior's Clothes

Our range of clothes has been made with the softest bamboo fabric for it's skin-loving properties. It is important that you care for the clothes delicately and ensure that they are properly cleaned before you use them on your Little Warrior's sensitive skin.


Machine Wash and Dry

  • Always put the clothes into a mesh laundry bag to prevent the fabric from stretching during wash.
  • If the clothes are heavily soiled, use one laundry bag for each item of clothing to ensure that the clothes can be thoroughly cleaned.
  • Select either a cold wash or a temperature not more than 40 degrees C.
  • (Optional) Select an extra rinse to ensure that all traces of soap or detergent are removed after the wash.
  • To lengthen the lifespan of the clothes, we do not recommend the use of a dryer. However, if the use of a dryer machine is unavoidable, always select the lowest heat setting and dry the clothes in the laundry bags that they were washed in.
  • Padded mittens may require a longer drying time. If the insides of the mittens are still damp after one drying cycle, flip over the mittens and either return them to the dryer for another cycle or lay them out to air-dry.


Hand Wash and Dry

  • Pre-soak the clothes in soapy water to loosen dirt, food or blood stains.
  • Carefully rub the stains under water without overly stretching the fabric.
  • Rinse thoroughly and squeeze dry the fabric one portion at a time.
  • Do not wring or fling the wet fabric to prevent stretching.
  • When drying on a pole, flip open the mittens and thread the pole through the entire length of the sleeves.
  • When drying on a clothes rack, spread the clothes loosely across several lines so the weight of the wet fabric is not concentrated on one particular portion of the fabric.
  • Do not hang or dry the clothes vertically when wet to prevent the fabric from stretching.


Skin-friendly Detergent

  • Use natural detergents without artificial fragrances to avoid further irritation of your child's sensitive skin. Always check the ingredient lists because many commercial baby detergents contain perfumes and artificial fragrances that have been known to agitate sensitive skin.
  • We recommend using Agape Nature's organic cleaner or detergent powder, which is made of 100% natural ingredients and has been tested by my own little warriors to be itch-free. Ocean Rescue 002 Laundry Detergent Powder.