The CozeeCoo® Wearable Baby Blanket
The CozeeCoo® Wearable Baby Blanket
The CozeeCoo® Wearable Baby Blanket
The CozeeCoo® Wearable Baby Blanket
The CozeeCoo® Wearable Baby Blanket

The CozeeCoo® Wearable Baby Blanket

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CozeeCoo® is a wearable blanket, registered with the US FDA as a medical device. Designed to safely and comfortably hold a baby's hands below the chest, the CozeeCoo® also retains movement in the arms, elbows, hips and legs. Due to the range of movement, the CozeeCoo® can be worn while sleeping -even when rolling. It works while diaper changing and safely in car seats. It's made from 100% organic cotton from the fabric to the sew-in interfacing and labels.


CozeeCoo® Benefits:

  • Product is U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) listed and registered as a medical device
  • Product is third party lab tested to meet the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) safety requirements
  • Product holds a Children's Product Certificate
  • Allows for movement in the arms, elbows, hips and legs, which can support muscle development and motor skill development
  • 100% organic cotton fabric from the fabric to the sew-in interfacing and labels.
  • Hypoallergenic (free from: nickel, latex, toxic dyes or substances, bleach, formaldehyde and fragrances)
  • Can be worn safely and comfortably in a car seat
  • Can support skin to skin bonding with the open chest and leg areas
  • Can be comfortable for bottle feeding and/or breastfeeding for both the caregiver and baby
  • Naturally stretches with knitted interlocking loops
  • Adjustable snaps, which are convenient for fit adjustments and diaper changing
  • Hand grasping can still be done through the fabric to hold and play with toys.

Possible Preventative Applications:

  • Tampering with surgical healing sites such as for cleft lip and/or cleft palate procedures, cochlear (hearing) implants, cataract surgery, heart surgery, etc
  • Tampering with pediatric medical devices such as NAM devices, cleft taping, ngtubes (feeding tubes), endotracheal tubes (breathing tubes), vital signs monitors, oxygen saturation monitors, IVs, long lines, orthopedic braces, etc.
  • Scratching and rubbing due to eczema (atopic dermatitis, contact dermatitis...), allergies, hives, Hand Foot Mouth Disease (HFMD), healing wounds, etc., which can lead to additional injuries and infections
  • Interrupted sleep due to the urge to scratch, touch medical devices, healing sites, of the Moro Reflex (startle reflex) and the need for a snug embrace that can mimic the womb
  • Detrimental self-stimulating (stimming) such as severe hair pulling (Trichotillomania), hitting or thumb sucking which can cause dental malocclusion (misalignments), speech impediments and skin irritations
  • Elbow immobilizer arm brace side effects such as the ability to still touch the face, self removal (84% of babies remove arm braces according to a recent QIP survey) and discomfort, which can also affect sleep.
  • Blanket swaddling side effects such as overheating, heat plus friction which can make conditions like eczema worse, hip dysplasia (hip dislocation), the inability to reposition while sleeping, increased risk of suffocation if the blanket becomes loose, decreased arousal and underdeveloped muscles

This is not a complete list of uses. Please consult your medical team to make CozeeCoo® a part of your sleep and/or healing journey.

    *Arm span measurement is from the baby's fingertips across the arm, chest and to the opposite fingertips.


    Care Instructions:

    Laundry machine washer (cold water) and dryer safe. Tumble dry on low heat or dry flat. Otherwise shrinking can occur. We recommend using a fragrance-free detergent (if it's also a dye-free and artificial brighteners-free detergent that is even better). Do not bleach. Iron Safe.



    100% certified (GOTS®) organic cotton fabric is used throughout the garment including the sew-in interfacings and labels. The metal snaps are nickel-free and lead-free tested. To ensure a snug and effective fit we use one 3" long piece of rubber-free elastic, braided in 100% organic cotton, and then covered in the GOTS® certified 100% cotton fabric.

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