Charlie Learns About Her Food Allergies (Hardcover Book)
Charlie Learns About Her Food Allergies (Hardcover Book)
Charlie Learns About Her Food Allergies (Hardcover Book)
Charlie Learns About Her Food Allergies (Hardcover Book)
Charlie Learns About Her Food Allergies (Hardcover Book)
Katie Holl

Charlie Learns About Her Food Allergies (Hardcover Book)

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Charlie is a funny, creative, caring young girl. She also has a unique difference that not every other kid has . . . she has food allergies.


In this story, Charlie shares how she learnt about her multiple food allergies. As she tells her story from early symptoms and diagnosis to learning how to read food labels, she shares with readers how she stays safe, how her parents support her, and how to be included.

This 36-page, full colour, hardcover book includes tips for parents or caregivers, ways to include those with food allergies, and definitions of common allergy terms.


A perfect gift for early readers with eczema and allergies, to see themselves represented in a beautiful book. Reading about eczema and allergies normalises the conditions and helps children feel less lonely in their struggles.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Kyle Dine
My Daughter's Favorite Book

My daughter and I love reading this book together. It's a very impactful story that helps children grasp the seriousness of food allergy, while finding empowerment in learning how to manage it effectively in everyday situations. My daughter seems to gain independence when learning these finer details of taking control of a health condition, and truly relates to Charlie throughout the story. On recent family trips, my daughter consistently chooses Charlie Learns about Her Food Allergies as her favorite book to bring along.

So good I bought 2 Copies!

As my eczema/allergy child continues to grow up, I come to realise that his needs are not just confined skincare and managing his diet (which is already a lot of work).

When he started school, it made him wonder "Why can't I eat the birthday cake like everyone else?", "Mummy why do I have to carry a medical pouch all the time?". I used to just brush them aside due to tiredness but I knew I needed to address these questions when he broke down one day and said "I am angry that I cannot eat the cake!" and started crying :(

I started exploring how to better explain allergies & eczema to him. I ordered a few books, some shipped all the way from the US.

However, our clear favorite is this book!

1. The main character is a girl, not an animal, which he can relate to.
2. The illustration shows Charlie with hives, eczema, skin prick test, blood tests, birthday parties - everything he has been experiencing since he was a baby. I could tell him he was not alone and many children experience the same.
3. It explains eczema, allergies in simple terms understood by children. I bought an extra copy for his school so his school friends would have a better understanding too.

Now my son says "I have eczema and it is common". "I eat something not right I feel sick".

If you are looking for a book on allergies and eczema for children, this is the one book you should get!

EVERYONE should give this a read!

Thank you Little Warriors for bringing in this precious book and making it available for us!

My children with eczema and allergies could really relate to Charlie! It brought comfort to my child, knowing that there's another child like her who also had to abstain from sweet treats and snacks in parties and/or social gatherings.

The book is beautifully illustrated - providing a snippet to what a family with allergies is familiar with (e.g. hospital clinic setting, skin prick test, red spots and rash on skin) yet showing us that there’s beauty in the midst of it all.

It introduces, explains and breaks down some allergies-related jargons through a child's lens, making it easy for anyone to understand. We particularly loved how the author depicts that we are more than itchy skin + foods we cannot eat. It portrays that children with eczema and allergies are conquerors because medical conditions do not stop them from enjoying a vibrant, happy life. It provides hope for those struggling.

It is also a good educational resource for everyone to have a more accurate understanding on what allergies are, and the potential dangers that may arise when we downplay an individual's allergen(s). We appreciate how this book promotes sensitivity and inclusivity for children with food allergies in social setting.

Please do give this a read and PASS IT ON!

My daughter loves it

My 4 year old identified with so many things in this book. We have been managing her eczema since she was 1 month old so from the rash around her mouth when she was a baby to the skin prick test, to the ability to verbalise her allergies.

After completing the book, she said : “I have to go put moisturiser mummy, so I won’t have itchy skin. Tomorrow I will tell my friends about this book”