Protective Sleeves in Blush Pink
Protective Sleeves in Blush Pink
Protective Sleeves in Blush Pink
Little Warriors SG

Protective Sleeves in Blush Pink

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These skin-loving protective sleeves work for both sleep and play! Designed for babies and toddlers with eczema or allergies that cause their skin to be sensitive and itchy. The sleeves also work great to help children with undesirable thumb-sucking or nail-biting habits.

Cover those itchy little fingers for a peace of mind when the kiddos are unsupervised or when it is time for bed. Flip open the mittens during meals and play time.

  • Made of breathable bamboo fabric
  • Soothing to the most delicate or sensitive skin types
  • Padded mittens to reduce scratching damage
  • Suitable to be worn over any type of outfits
  • Easy for parents to put on and remove but tough for little hands to pull off

Sleeve material: 95% Bamboo, 5% Spandex

Inner Cuff material: 100% Cotton


Size* 6M 9M 12M 18M 2Y 3Y
Sleeve Length (Inch) 25 28 30 33 36 39

* To find the correct sleeve size, measure the entire span of your child's outstretched arms, from left fingertips to right fingertips.

Note: Please do not attempt to size up for your child because an ill-fitting sleeve could easily slip out. The bamboo fabric will naturally stretch upon repeated wear and wash.

Please read our Product Care page carefully for instructions on how to care for your Little Warrior's protective sleeve.

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Customer Reviews

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Amanda Wong
Pocket friendly, soft, & works wonders

My daughter has eczema & sensitive skin which flares up from the heat. It’s a daily battle to stop her from scratching her face, arms and legs and as she grows, she is able to yank off mittens which just makes night sleep so stressful. My friend recommended me to Little Warriors and they truly help with keeping my girl’s little fingers away from scratching herself.

Thank you for making these at an affordable price point.

Must have for babies with eczema!

Been using this daily for 2 months now! Before I got to know about this, I used mittens with velcro. He would pull them off with one tug, and it was super difficult to replace.. now, I no longer need to worry he would remove it accidentally and hurt himself! It’s a breeze to open for play time and close for naps!

Theresia Siswanto
Skin save for little one !

My LO had severe eczema whole body and we used to cover her hands whole time. The sleeve helps her for able to play bare hand (just flip open) and once sudden itch attacks it's covered well (flip close). Now my LO is much better and i forever grateful for this product.

Greatest invention

Thank you for this invention. The sleeves protect my baby from scratching her face and head. This helps to accelerate her recovery process.

Thank you for understanding the worries of parents whose kids have sensitive skin.


I am so thankful I found the scratch sleeves! It’s the best purchase and invention 💜

My daughter keeps scratching her cheeks, neck and leg in her sleep and wakes up with blood stained pillows and sheets. I always have to watch her like a hawk in the wee hours and hold her hands when she gets into the scratching phase.

With the scratch sleeves, I finally get to sleep peacefully knowing she’s safe and reduce her scratching episode. The first time I used it, she was surprisingly comfortable in it because of the soft material. And she scratched lesser and had a good sleep too.

After measuring, I got the 9m size for my 12 month old baby who’s in the 50th percentile weighing 9.1kg. Fits her perfectly without restricting her hand movements.